Best air purifier for smoke reviews

Best air purifier for smoke reviews.

Variation in technology of purification of air has made people unsure of the claims made by the companies nowadays. Technologies such as HEPA filtrations, Ion generators, activated carbon filter have jeopardize the people necessities. Multi level purification is also been a major concern among the consumers too and companies are trying to lure consumers by blabbing about the affects of their purifiers neglecting the harmful effects they can cause. With our team of expertise we have gone through several air purifiers and while reading the review from our team in below mentioned points you will gain much more knowledge than you had on these air purifiers so that you can choose the best air purifier for smoke as well as for allergens.

Review for the best air purifiers:

Below are the few of the top rated air purifiers available in the market and really have impact on the pollutants of the air. So before you take any step forward to purchase air purifiers let us have a look at them:

  • Rabbit air BioGS2.0:Rabbit-air-BioGS2.0
    Rabbit air is taken into account because of its reputation amongs most brands with reference of air purifiers. It’s 4-stage filtration method including the primary stage embody a pre-filter followed by carbon filter then BioGS HEPA filter and last however not the smallest amount particle generator makes it best of its own kind. Rabbit air BioGS2.0 has also been awarded with several design awards and has most futuristic design.

The main problem we face with Rabbit air GS 2.0 is that it does not come cheap. Yes you have to pay much extra than a standard 4 stage air purifier but you do not want an antique and dumb looking air purifier in your home in age of robots.

  • HealthPro Plus Air Purifier:HealthPro-Plus-Air-Purifier
    Awarded as ‘Best Buy’ by client digest and with 4.5 star rating by the customers over the Amazon HealthPro plus air purifier is one of the top most marketing apparatus that uses same technology that is employed in Hospitals. IQAir Health Pro Plus air purifier is found to be value for money product from our experts.The certification from American Lung Association has provided the Health air pro plus an extreme level advantage among its competitors. Four – stage purification technology used in Health Pro plus air has set the bar of purification to a new level and it is voted as one of the best air purifiers for smoke by our team.

With limitless qualities and high performance Health Pro Plus air purifier is unbeatable. It comes with degradable filters and has really efficient design to intake maximum air.

  • Winix PlasmaWave 5300:Winix-PlasmaWave-5300
    If you’re yearning for stability, quite functioning and automatic sensors, then Winix Plasma Wave 5300 is that the most trending air purifier among people who need of these qualities in least retail worth. With energy star rating and three stage air cleansing technology, Winix Plasma Wave 5300 is one in all the foremost top-seller whole house air apparatus on Amazon. owing to integral sensors and capability of self adjustment build 5300 extremely a special one. it’s been certified as economical air filter for space with size 350 feet. It uses three totally different technologies to scrub the air and is committed to eliminate ninety nine.97% of the pollutants off the air.
    The most credible fact in Winix Pasma Wave 5300 is that it’s extremely associate economical air apparatus and it doesn’t place abundant weight on your notecase still.
  • Honeywell 50250-S: When it involves air purification, Honey well thought of furthermore putative manufacture of most effective air purifiers all round the Honeywell 50250-S is once more a breakthrough air setup with 360 degree duct. it’s assured to scrub 99.97% of the air passing through it and is economical in eliminating particles as little as zero.3 microns from the indoor air. it’s one amongst the foremost economical and best air setup for smoke used for enormous rooms, up to 390 sq. feet.

Honeywell 50250- S is more than a just air purifier, it is all in one technology. It removes all the pollutants in a single glance and can intake from all around the room.


Whether you are looking for a best air purifier for smoke or allergens, these multi stage air purification techniques can help you clean most of the air of your house, most efficiently. Depend on your house environment you can choose easily from above mentioned air purifiers for betterment of indoor environment.

An air purifier for a large area

An air purifier for a large area

air purifier for a large area

Air purifiers are devices used in this trapping and elimination of pollutants in the air .They are designed in such a way that they trap pollutants present in the air. Best air purifier for dust is very significant in our daily lives since they prevent the exposure to air pollutants such as pollen,dust ,smoke and mold. It is very advisable to know the features of a particular air purifier before you buy it. This will prevent you from being disappointed . Different air purifiers ,purify air up to particular areas .Some purify air up to a small area while others purify air in large spaces. One common type of air purifier that you can use for a large area such as a company is the;

  • IQAir MultiGas GC Air Purifier

This air purifier is highly recommended for large areas since it can purify air up to an area of 1,125 square feet . This is definitely a very large area and hence can be beneficial for use in companies . Moreover, it has other awesome features besides that including;

  1. Has HEPA filters which have the ability of trapping pollutants of even small sizes of 0.3 microns.
  2. Possesses four disposable filter cartridges ,which contain impregnated and activated carbon, which are responsible for the removal of gaseous chemicals. Worry no more about the presence of wood smoke or tobacco smoke in the air
  3. It has post -filtration sleeves which are responsible for ensuring that air pollutants trapped do not get back into the air.
  4. Has interchangeable gas filters whose function is to control formaldehyde, VOCs and ammonia . These compounds are dangerous and therefore there is a great need to eliminate them.
  5. Energy efficient- The IQ Air MinusA2 does not require a lot of energy to run, hence it requires low operational costs .
  6. It is extremely quiet when running – Unlike other air purifiers which are very noisy ,this air purifier is quiet when running.

This air purifiers is ideal for offices, basements, open living spaces, large bedrooms and even apartments. This air purifier is therefore ideal for companies since it can purify air in a a large area. Other than the IQ Air Minus air purifier ,you might still find other kinds of air purifiers to be efficient in getting rid of air pollutants in a large areas ,one such air purifier can be the;

  • Rabbit AirMinus A2.

This air purifier has been rated as one of the best air purifiers due to its amazing features . It is said to be the best air purifier for smoke and is highly recommended for asthma sufferers.


This air purifier has awesome features and therefore can be used in large places .These features include; it can purify air up to an area of up to 700 square feet. This is a large area and hence can prove to be efficient for a large area in a company . Besides this feature,it has others which are ;

1.It purifiers and deodirizes the air in six different stages. Pollutants in the air therefore don’t stand any chance of remaining in the air but are effectively gotten rid of.

  1. With this air purifier ,you can choose the filter type either Odor Remover, Germ Defense ,Pet Allergy or Toxin Absorber by just pressing a button . This is possible since it has customized filter options to choose from.
  2. Ultra quiet- This means that it doesn’t make noise when it is operating. You will be comfortable being around even when it is running.

      4.It has long lasting filters- The filters of the Rabbit AirMinus A2 take long to wear out, it may take between 1 to 2 years before you can change the air filters. This saves on the cost of buying air filters often.

  1. It is energy efficient- This device doesn’t required a lot of energy to run. Therefore you don’t need to worry about energy costs.
  2. The Rabbit Air MinusA2 can be wall mounted or left to stand alone. Its design is perfect in that it doesn’t require much space .

These two air purifiers can be ideal for large areas including companies. If you are out shopping and you happen not to find the IQAir MultiGas GC air purifier ,then you can consider having the Rabbit Air MinusA2.

Advantages of using the best air purifier for smoke

Advantages of using the best air purifier for smoke

best air purifier for smoke

Best air purifier for cigarette smoke play a major role in our daily lives .They are responsible for the elimination of air pollutants such as dust, smoke, pollen ,mold and any other pollutants present in the air. Smoke as an example of an air pollutant has drastic health effects when one is exposed to it. Presence of smoke in the house might be due to smoking, cooking, or having a wood fireplace in your house. Smoke is a common trigger of asthmatic attacks. If you happen to be asthmatic, then exposure to smoke might cause the occurrence of asthmatic symptoms like coughing and wheezing. Besides that, it triggers allergic reactions like coughing and sneezing.

Rabbit Air MinusA2 best air purifier for dust

Smoke can cause serious and fatal illnesses like Cancer. Smoke due to smoking especially cigarettes and cigars is very dangerous. This smoke contains many chemicals and some of this chemicals are carcinogenic, that is ,they cause cancer. Even if you are not a smoker, you are not in a position to say you are safe from this carcinogenic substances. Actually, if you are a passive smoker ,you are at a risk of getting cancer just like the active smoker. Research has been done and it has been discovered that secondhand smoke is far more dangerous than smoke inhaled during active smoking. Second- hand smoke in simpler terms is the smoke burning at the end of the cigarette or the smoke exhaled by the smoker. This smoke does not go through filtration before being inhaled. However, this is not the case when it comes to active smoking because the active smoker normally inhales filtered smoke. This calls for drastic measures that should be adapted to prevent exposure to second hand smoke. Finding the best air purifier for smoke is one of the measures that should be adapted.

For starters let’s look at the best type of air purifier for smoke and see the advantages one can have when using this air purifier. According to research and customer reviews the best air purifier for smoke is the ;

Rabbit Air MinusA2

Rabbit Air MinusA2 best air purifier for smoke

This air purifier has been rated as the best air purifier for smoke. Its amazing features helps it performing the actual smoke eradication. Some of the advantages of using this air purifier can include;

  • Effective elimination of smoke and odor

This air purifier possesses a special type of air filter for smoke called Activated Carbon filter. This filter has the ability of trapping any type of smoke present in the air. It actually reacts with the smoke as it passes through it and hence ends up trapping it. Therefore, using this air purifier will prevent exposure to smoke either due to smoking, a wood fireplace or any other other source of smoke. Cigar smoke is said to have a stronger odor than even cigarette smoke, however this air purifier has the ability of getting rid of smoke odor including the odor brought about by cigar smoke.

  • Energy efficient

This air purifier doesn’t require a lot of energy to run and hence it is energy efficient. It will therefore save you on the costs and at the same time help in the elimination of smoke in the air.

  • Effective purification and deodorization

It purifiers and deodorizes air in six different stages .This actually means that no smoke particle present can remain in the air during the use of this air purifier. It effectively gets rid of all the air pollutants. It also deodorizes the air meaning that smoke odor is neutralized.

  • Purifies air in a large area.

This air purifier cleans air up to an area of 700 square feet. This therefore means that it will get rid of smoke in one large room or even small multiple rooms .

These are some of the advantages of using the Rabbit Air Minus A2 air purifier. This is the best known air purifier for smoke and therefore , the advantages it has in smoke elimination can be generally applicable when we are taking about the advantages of the best air purifier for smoke. Therefore , if smoke is a common air pollutant in your home , you should consider using this air purifier to deal with the issue. Presence of smoke is a common issue in many homes that if not taken care of can lead to serious health problems.

Cleaning tips to reduce dust

Cleaning tips to reduce dust.

Cleaning tips to reduce dust

Getting a room totally free from dust is almost impossible and no matter how much time you indulge in cleaning the whole house from corner to corner, there is still a possible chance that it is not yet clean. Dust includes mold spores, allergens, bacteria, hair and several other kinds of pollutants. We can provide you the best methods to clean your more house more affectively and to make your home less dusty.

Cleaning methods to reduce dust:


  • Use multi fiber cloth while dusting: Most of the times when you perform dusting you are throwing dust particles from one place to another rather than just getting rid of them. Multi fiber cloth traps in the dust particles in their fibers and tends dust from jumping from one place to another. Even if you want to remove dust from very small and almost unreachable places these multi fibers cloths can ease your way.
  • Change your beddings regularly: Your bed’s sheets and cousins are the best platform for the dust particles to settle at. Usually dust particles are eager to combine and with increase in the weight they are pulled down by gravity. In that case either it is your bed or cousins where these particles lands at. So it is best to change your beddings at least once in week so that dust possibility of you getting exposed to these particles can be reduced.
  • Replace the filters: Air purifiers are very effective on decreasing the quantity of dust particles in the air. Air purifier traps the contents in their filters and it is essential to get them replaced according to their specifications so that efficiency of air purifier to clean the air should be retained. Today most of the air purifier comes with bio- degradable air purifier and it make them efficient even after they are used up.
  • Beat your mats and cushions outside your house: Mats and cushions are quite effective absorbents of dust particles. These particles gets trapped in the very fine fibers of mats and cushion and every time you rug them the dust is freed. The best option to eliminate the risk of whole house getting covered with dust is to beat them outside your house with a stick. In this way dust remains outside the house.
  • Maintain the humidity: Molds grow in a decent humid atmosphere and spores from them, could lead to asthma attacks or several other allergic reactions. Humidity may vary from region to region and with respect to that humidity level should also be maintained.
  • Use Vacuum cleaner: Sucking the dust from various areas of the house could be an effective method to remove the same from house. Vacuum cleaner play major role in snapping the dust particles off from the mats as well as from other areas off the house.
  • Install ventilation systems: In modern houses there is very less room for ventilation and it increases the ratio of dust particles in your house. It is best to opt for more ventilated designs or to install better installation systems in your house. It could help you remove dust from your house more efficiently while you are cleaning.
  • Do not let shoes inside: The best method to get relief from dust to not to let them enter your house in the first place. Shoes are main sources of dust particles as they carry several other allergens or pores in their souls and it is best that they should be left outside, without compromising your work.

Above mentioned methods could decrease the quantity of dust particles in your house and will provide you way better surroundings inside your house. If you have any asthma patient or anyone who is allergic to dust then you must consider following those methods on regular basis to provide more better environment to breathe in.

How to remove dust from the air

How to remove dust from the air?

How to remove dust from the air

Dust is referred is referred to collection of mold spores, bacteria, viruses, allergens, pet hairs and several other particles which pollutes the air. These allergens and particles could be very drastic for patients of asthma as well as for anyone with chronic respiratory problems. These pollutants travel with air even when they are inside your house. Even if you clean your house regularly there is still as possibility that these pollutants will be in your house in the air. Dust particles are major sources for asthma attacks and may even lead to allergies symptoms with regular exposure.

There are yet no 100% effective methods through which you can completely eliminate the dust from the house, but still having an air purifier is the best method through which you can attain maximum relief from the dust in the air. Either you can get an air purifier installed in your air duct system for continuous flow of clean air or you can get a portable air purifier for not so much regular usage. Air purifier is available in variable sizes and types but If you are looking for quick points to gain more knowledge you can go through the below mentioned points:


  • Technology of purification: There are HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, ion generator and many more and each of them is effective at certain conditions. So if you are looking for a resolution for two or more than types of indoor pollution problems such as odor and allergens, then you must choose multi level filtration air purifiers. They uses more than single technology to clean air providing you better environment to live-in.
  • Design and sensors: In beginning size or design possibly will not bother you, but these are the primary necessities on which efficiency of air purification depends. Automatic sensors controls the fan speed depending on the quality of room air while on the other hand the efficiency of air intake I totally dependent on the design of the air.
  • Area size for purification: Different air purifiers are bound to clean a room up to a specific room size. While you can use one to clean large halls while few are efficient to clean room of up to 170 Sq. Ft. So before you go ahead on your decision kindly read the about the efficiency of the air purifier either on the package or read some reviews about the same product online.
  • Nature friendly: Nowadays filter of air purifier are manufactured with bio degradable materials and which does not produce any harmful gas or any other material while decomposition. You can ask manufacturer to re-activate the carbon filters as well than to throw away the filters.
  • Manage the expenditure: It does not seem much difficult to buy an air purifier but they require regular maintenance, the filters are needed to be replaced once in a while. It is best to specify your requirements before you go ahead and buy on air purifier for yourself. If you need air purifier for small room in that scenario don’t even fall for high volume air purifier just because of the dilemma that they would be much more helpful.
  • Manufacturer reputation: If you are confused which company to trust or which air purifier to purchase, the best option for you is to go ahead with the reputation of the manufacturer. There are companies such as Honeywell, BlueAir, IQAir whose air purifier are used in large building as well because of their efficiency and quality of cleaning the air.

Dust particles can be very harmful and can had lead to conditions in which patient was required to be hospitalized. You can always depend on reputed manufacturers such as Honeywell, whirlpool for the cleanliness of the air inside you house. IQAir and Honeywell are few of the companies whose air purifiers are often used in hospitals.

Does your office have any dust

Does your office have any dust?

Does your office have any dust

Dust is common and present in many environments. Some of its constitutes include fiber particles ,soil particles, old cells of the skin, among others. Dust is an air pollutant which must be gotten rid of immediately. It has negative effects on our health . It mainly affects the respiratory tract since it is normally inhaled when it is in the air. Dust can cause common cold, flu and even trigger an asthmatic and allergic attack. Asthma is a chronic illness which has symptoms like wheezing and coughing. Allergy on the other hand has symptoms such as watery eyes, body rashes and sneezing. Preventing the exposure to dust is therefore the best solution in dealing with this complications. You may be asthmatic and often experience, for instance shortness of breath,a symptom of asthmatic attack, while in the office. An office is a place where cleaning is done regularly, but dust might still be present. Some of the things that can cause the presence of dust in your officer may include:

Does your office have any dust and smoke

  • Old office carpets.

If you happen to posses old carpets in your office ,then the present of dust in your office is possible .Carpets, in general, are great harbors of dust. They can have a lot of dust accumulated in them. The accumulated dust throws up when they are stepped on. The solution for this include having your office carpet vacuumed regularly or just getting rid of the carpet. The floor will still look beautiful if it has tiles even if you get rid of the carpet.

  • Open windows.

If the windows of your office are normally open ,then it is likely for dust to come in, especially when there is an industry or a construction site nearby .Such places are known to generate a lot of dust. Windows are normally opened for proper circulation of air . However, there are other better solutions that can be adapted for better air circulation . Consider installing air conditioners and fans in your office instead of opening windows for air circulation.

  • Dusty shoes

If you normally come into the office with dusty shoes ,then dust will definitely be present in the air. Due to static, the shoes normally attract dust from the ground. When you walk in the office some of the dust fall from the shoes onto the floor and hence accumulating on the floor. It is therefore advisable to avoid dusty or soily grounds before you come into the office. Have your office vacuumed regularly by the office cleaners to prevent dust accumulation.

  • Type of clothes

Some may wonder how clothes and dust relate. If your clothes are made from fiber, then it is likely that dust will be present. Fiber is one of the components of dust . It combines with other components like skin cells ,that fall from the human body, or soil particles on the floor. If you happen to go to the office wearing clothes made from fiber, then the presence of dust will be noticed in your office. You should therefore wear office clothes that are not made from fiber.

  • Dusty office fans

It is common to find fans in many offices . These devices help in air circulation and aid in giving that ‘cool’ feeling while in the office . These devices might get dusty as they become more old. They hence may end up blowing dust into the air. It is advisable to replace the fans when they become old or even dust these devices more often.

Does your office have any dust smoke

These are some of the sources of dust in your office . If the sources are often present in your office ,then definitely your office will be dusty now and then. You can adapt some solutions such as the use of air purifiers so as to get rid of the accumulated dust in your office. Hygiene is also a better solution in dealing with dust presence in your office.

What to do when there is dust and smoke around you

What to do when there is dust and smoke around you

what to do when dust and smoke around you

Dust is basically made of particles in the air that come from sources such as soil . It however can be noted on other surfaces like the floor or furniture. Smoke on the other hand can be from various sources like, cigarettes , wood fireplaces, faulty cookers or even the burning of food during cooking. These two air pollutants have harmful effects on our health . Dust triggers asthmatic attacks, where those having the illness end up developing symptoms like coughing,wheezing ,shortness of breath and chest tightness. Smoke on the other hand is also a common asthmatic trigger. Smoke has a general negative effect on the respiratory tract. Cigarette smoke ,for example, causes fatal illnesses like Cancer. You should therefore reduce the exposure to such air pollutants. Our environment cannot be a 100% pure but we should strive to make it better each and every day. The necessary measures to be taken can include :

dust and smoke around you

  • Use of vacuum cleaners.

These are devices responsible for the removal of dust and dirt from surfaces like the floor and furniture. Dust normally settles on these surfaces and often get back into the air. Having carpets,for example , in your house may raise the amount of dust in the air. Carpets ,especially old ones, are great harbors of dust. When one happens to step on them ,they throw up the dust back into the air. You should therefore vacuum such surfaces. Vacuum cleaners have a special mechanism where they create a partial vacuum hence able to suck the dust on surfaces .It has special filters that increase their efficiency in dust removal. You should vacuum your house regularly , at least once in a week. The vacuum bag should be emptied off the dust and dirt often so as to prevent the dust from going back into the air

  • Use of air purifiers

Air purifiers are devices that trap the dust from the air. They have different kinds of filters that help them to trap various pollutants in the air. You should use an air purifier that has both HEPA filters and Activated carbon filters .HEPA ( High efficient participate air ) filters are specially designed types of air filters that can trap air pollutants like dust ,pollen ,mold, among others. It has the ability of trapping 99.97 % of air pollutants. Activated carbon ,on the other hand, effectively traps smoke from the air. It does this by chemically reacting with the smoke particles as they pass through this air filter. It is known as the greatest adsorbent since it can trap smoke particles which are very tiny. Ensure you buy air purifiers with both of these air filters. One such type of air purifier is the Rabbit AirMinus A2.

  • Identify the sources of dust and do the necessary.

It is definite that the dust or smoke around you originates from particular places . This can either be the fireplace, a construction site nearby , smoking in the house or even the pets in the house. Identifying the origin and the cause of presence of pollutants in the air is very key. If it is from a nearby construction site ,for example, you should not open the windows. This will bring the dust into the house. Don’t allow people to smoke around you .This will prevent exposure to second- hand smoke.

  • Maintain high hygienic standards

Poor hygienic standards are a major contributor to the presence of these air pollutants . Dust can be due to getting into the house with shoes, while smoke can be due to dirty cookers which end up producing smoke during cooking.

These are basically some of the measures that can be adapted so as to prevent the exposure to dust and smoke .As we have earlier stated , these air pollutants have negative effects on our health and should therefore be effectively gotten rid of. It is very advisable to maintain high levels of cleanliness if you hope to curb these menace. Devices such as air purifiers and vacuum cleaners, will greatly save you the time of cleaning up the place around you. Prevention is better than cure and so the necessary measures should be adhered to for healthy living.

What function of adsorbents is

What function of adsorbents is?


Adsorption is the process by which substances of air components, especially air pollutants end up getting trapped to the surface of another substance .The substance that traps the components is termed as the adsorbent. Adsorption is very significant in our lives. It helps in promoting our health. Adsorbents have a function which definitely is to our benefit. Adsorbents have the following functions:

  1. They get rid of pollutants like Cigarette and cigar smoke in the air.

    Adsorbents have a great absorption power. They are developed in such a way that they can trap smoke especially cigarette smoke, cigar smoke or smoke from wood fireplaces. Smoke is a very common air pollutant in many homes. It has very negative effects on our health when inhaled both directly and indirectly. Second-hand smoke for example, is a common asthmatic trigger. This means that it causes the occurence of asthmatic symptoms like wheezing ,coughing , chest tightness or even shortness of breath. Exposure to smoke can also lead to allergic reactions like coughing or body rashes. Adsorbents have mechanisms that enable them absorb smoke from the air. Therefore, they have a great impact in our lives.

  2. Adsorbents eliminate dangerous chemical fumes and toxic gases in the air

    Adsorbents eliminate dangerous chemical

    Presence of chemical fumes in the air can be due to the using of insecticides or burning of plastics. Chemical fumes are generally harmful and can cause fatal illnesses like cancer. An example of a toxic gas on the other hand can be Ozone. Ozone is toxic to the lungs when inhaled directly and it is a common asthmatic trigger. Adsorbents therefore prevent these air contaminants from getting into your body hence a healthy living.

These are the common functions of adsorbents. Adsorbents are normally fitted in appliances like air purifiers .They are installed in air purifiers as air filters .One of the most common type of adsorbent is the;

Activated carbon filter.

Activated carbon filter

Also known as activated charcoal, this filter is a form of carbon known to be great in adsorption and chemical reactions that aid in the elimination of air pollutants. Some of the uses of activated carbon filters can include;

  • Gas purification

As stated above, adsorbents are used in the purification of air. Activated carbon filters have small pores which chemically react with air pollutants like smoke when they pass through it. They therefore aid in getting rid of smoke in the air. It is due to this reason that activated carbon filters are fitted in many air purifiers In conjunction with other air filters, it greatly helps in air purification.

  • Water purification

Water is considered to be pure if it doesn’t contain any added substance which is commonly termed as impurity. Pure water is essential because it doesn’t contain harmful micro- organisms that can lead to the contraction of water-borne diseases. Activated carbon plays a key role in the filtration process. Due to the fact that it has a very high adsorption power, it ends up getting rid of the impurities present in water hence making it safe for drinking.

  • Sewage treatment

Sewage treatment can be described as the the removal of of contaminants from waste water. The contaminants being eliminated can include effluents or household sewage. Due to its adsorption power the activated carbon filter aids in the elimination of these water contaminants.

These are just some of the uses of activated carbon . Due to the fact that activated carbon is actually an adsorbent , we can confidently say that the above functions of activated carbon can apply to adsorbents in general. Adsorbents are therefore very beneficial in our lives, they can also be used in making gas masks, medicine ,metal extraction ,gold purification and decaffeination ( removal of caffeine from coffee beans, tea leaves and any other substance that contains caffeine). Therefore, this knowledge concerning adsorbents is very crucial for instance when shopping for the best types of air purifiers.

What function of UV light is

What function of UV light is ?


Ultraviolet light is basically a form of electromagnetic radiation that happens to have a wavelength longer than X rays but shorter than visible light. Ultraviolet light is very beneficial in our daily lives. It has been adapted in industries, homes and other relevant places where it performs its functions effectively . Some of the functions of ultraviolet lights include;

  • Sterilisation of air pollutants


Harmful micro-organisms are often present in the air. These organisms can include bacteria ,fungus and viruses. Exposure to these pollutants can have negative impacts on our health. They can cause respiratory tract diseases or any other diseases when one comes into contact or happens to inhale them. They can also trigger asthmatic attacks where the affected ends up experiencing symptoms such as wheezing, coughing , shortness of breath among others. Basically , when these pollutants come across ultraviolet radiation, their organic bonds are broken down. Therefore, they undergo a genetic and cellular damage and hence rendered harmless. This reason makes Ultraviolet light to be used in air purifiers so as to get rid of harmful microbes in the air. In addition, it is because of its sterilizing ability that Ultraviolet light is being used in hospitals and other medical facilities. Hospitals are known to house people who may be sick due to viral diseases, bacterial diseases or even fungal infections. The harmful disease- causing microorganisms can get into the air and spread the different illnesses. However, due to the use of Ultraviolet light and other relevant materials this is effectively prevented.

Fluorescence is the process in which a substance absorbs Ultraviolet light energy and converts it immediately into visible light. Therefore, Ultraviolet light is being used in fluorescent tubes so as to produce light.

Ultraviolet light is used after the occurrence of crimes. Clues like finger prints are very essential in the search of criminals in crimes like murder. Finger prints is a lead that can result into a successful investigation. Ultraviolet light is used in finding such clues hence aid in criminal investigations.

  • Curing

Ultraviolet radiation is sometimes referred to as “chemical rays”. This name came about after its discovery which occured during the early 19 century . It was basically given this name due to its ability to change certain substances chemically. It hence is ,for instance,used in hardening some special glues hence the name ‘curring’.

  • Security

Many governments in the world have adapted the use of ultraviolet light which makes some kind of verification on very sensitive documents. If you happen to shine a black light on any note of cash, you can be able to notice some markings which are not present on fake money. This also applies to some other sensitive government documents. Therefore, ultraviolet light technology has been used in providing security against forgery or counterfeiting.

  • Hunting

Many professional hunters use ultraviolet light during their hunt of wild meat .They use ultraviolet light which shines on the ground and illuminates blood trails. Therefore, if an animal has been wounded by bullets, arrows or any other weapon used during hunting and happened to escape, it can be hunted down easily.

  • DVD/ CD players

With the advancement of technology, there has been the development of DVDs, CDs and DVDs players. Many wonder how the DVDs players read the information in the CDs and DVDs. DVD players actually use ultraviolet light to do this.

These are some of the basic functions of ultraviolet light. It is also being used in deterring substance abuse in public places. Due to the world becoming more technologised, ultraviolet light has been adapted in doing extraordinary kinds of work and for sure its uses will continue advancing and becoming more. However, direct exposure to ultraviolet light can cause some negative effects on the skin. Nevertheless, its advantages outweigh the disadvantages and therefore it is very significant in our daily lives.

Do you know about what function of adsorbents is ?

What function of Ozone Generators is

What function of Ozone Generators is ?

Ozone Generators

Ozone is basically a molecule which is made up of three oxygen atoms. Oxygen gas in the air is normally composed of two oxygen atoms. The extra oxygen atom can break off from the ozone molecule and get attached to the molecules of other substances and in the end changing the chemical composition of such substances. This property can turn out to be very harmful to your health if you happen to get exposed to ozone. It may react with the body cells and organs hence causing a negative health effect. When low amounts of ozone are inhaled they may lead to shortness of breath, chest pains, coughing and sore throat. Ozone can also worsen illnesses such as asthma. However, this property can turn out to be very beneficial .Devices used to create ozone are called ozone generators.

Product description

Ozone generators play a major role in purifying the air. They are very effective in getting rid of pollutants like mildew, mold and bacteria. Ozone is said to be the best disinfectant in the world with a higher killing power than chlorine. These devices generate ozone which they end up releasing into the air. When pollutants such as the mildew and bacteria comes into contact with the ozone, they are oxidized by the extra oxygen atom in the Ozone hence rendered inactive hence harmless .There are various types of ozone generators and different types of generators produce ozone in different ways. Ozone generators can be used in homes, commercial places or industries. Some of the common types of ozone generators include;

  • Ultraviolet Ozone Generator

This generator uses ozone and ultraviolet light to perform its functions. These two are the key products used in enabling the generator to eliminate contaminants in the air. However, this ozone generator is not used often and hence its use in air purifications is limited.

This particular ozone generator uses a dielectric surface to create an electric field, which ends up splitting oxygen molecules into single oxygen atoms. The single oxygen atoms then combine to form ozone. Through this process, this generator ends up producing a lot of heat. This particular type of ozone generator is considered to be the most efficient in ozone generation.

This is a very popular type of ozone generator. This ozone generator creates a cold plasma using dielectric discharge. Oxygen gas which is made of two atoms gets exposed to the cold plasma and ends up splitting. The oxygen atoms which have split up combine, this time forming ozone which happens to have three oxygen atoms. The ozone generated by this generator is 5 percent concentrated. Therefore, producing ozone using this generator can turn out to be expensive.

  • Electrolytic Ozone Generator

This is a very unique type of ozone generator. It uses water as a key source of ozone. This generator basically splits water molecules into oxygen, hydrogen and ozone. The hydrogen is then removed from the mixture. This particular generator is used in various places including greenhouses, pharmaceutical facilities and water treatment plants. The ozone produced can be 20 percent or 30 percent concentrated.

These are the common types of ozone generators present in the market. Some of the above generators are expensive than others. It is therefore advisable to research on the current market prices to avoid disappointments. Some are more efficient than others in dealing with air pollutants. Generally, ozone generators are very beneficial despite having some effects on our health .The benefits that come with using ozone generators outweigh the disadvantages. It is for this reason that ozone is being used in cleaning water hence replacing the commonly used chlorine. However, it is not advisable for asthma or allergy sufferers to use ozone generators so as to purify the air. They should therefore find other air purifiers which are safer to use than ozone generators.