What function of adsorbents is

What function of adsorbents is?


Adsorption is the process by which substances of air components, especially air pollutants end up getting trapped to the surface of another substance .The substance that traps the components is termed as the adsorbent. Adsorption is very significant in our lives. It helps in promoting our health. Adsorbents have a function which definitely is to our benefit. Adsorbents have the following functions:

  1. They get rid of pollutants like Cigarette and cigar smoke in the air.

    Adsorbents have a great absorption power. They are developed in such a way that they can trap smoke especially cigarette smoke, cigar smoke or smoke from wood fireplaces. Smoke is a very common air pollutant in many homes. It has very negative effects on our health when inhaled both directly and indirectly. Second-hand smoke for example, is a common asthmatic trigger. This means that it causes the occurence of asthmatic symptoms like wheezing ,coughing , chest tightness or even shortness of breath. Exposure to smoke can also lead to allergic reactions like coughing or body rashes. Adsorbents have mechanisms that enable them absorb smoke from the air. Therefore, they have a great impact in our lives.

  2. Adsorbents eliminate dangerous chemical fumes and toxic gases in the air

    Adsorbents eliminate dangerous chemical

    Presence of chemical fumes in the air can be due to the using of insecticides or burning of plastics. Chemical fumes are generally harmful and can cause fatal illnesses like cancer. An example of a toxic gas on the other hand can be Ozone. Ozone is toxic to the lungs when inhaled directly and it is a common asthmatic trigger. Adsorbents therefore prevent these air contaminants from getting into your body hence a healthy living.

These are the common functions of adsorbents. Adsorbents are normally fitted in appliances like air purifiers .They are installed in air purifiers as air filters .One of the most common type of adsorbent is the;

Activated carbon filter.

Activated carbon filter

Also known as activated charcoal, this filter is a form of carbon known to be great in adsorption and chemical reactions that aid in the elimination of air pollutants. Some of the uses of activated carbon filters can include;

  • Gas purification

As stated above, adsorbents are used in the purification of air. Activated carbon filters have small pores which chemically react with air pollutants like smoke when they pass through it. They therefore aid in getting rid of smoke in the air. It is due to this reason that activated carbon filters are fitted in many air purifiers In conjunction with other air filters, it greatly helps in air purification.

  • Water purification

Water is considered to be pure if it doesn’t contain any added substance which is commonly termed as impurity. Pure water is essential because it doesn’t contain harmful micro- organisms that can lead to the contraction of water-borne diseases. Activated carbon plays a key role in the filtration process. Due to the fact that it has a very high adsorption power, it ends up getting rid of the impurities present in water hence making it safe for drinking.

  • Sewage treatment

Sewage treatment can be described as the the removal of of contaminants from waste water. The contaminants being eliminated can include effluents or household sewage. Due to its adsorption power the activated carbon filter aids in the elimination of these water contaminants.

These are just some of the uses of activated carbon . Due to the fact that activated carbon is actually an adsorbent , we can confidently say that the above functions of activated carbon can apply to adsorbents in general. Adsorbents are therefore very beneficial in our lives, they can also be used in making gas masks, medicine ,metal extraction ,gold purification and decaffeination ( removal of caffeine from coffee beans, tea leaves and any other substance that contains caffeine). Therefore, this knowledge concerning adsorbents is very crucial for instance when shopping for the best types of air purifiers.

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