What function of UV light is

What function of UV light is ?


Ultraviolet light is basically a form of electromagnetic radiation that happens to have a wavelength longer than X rays but shorter than visible light. Ultraviolet light is very beneficial in our daily lives. It has been adapted in industries, homes and other relevant places where it performs its functions effectively . Some of the functions of ultraviolet lights include;

  • Sterilisation of air pollutants


Harmful micro-organisms are often present in the air. These organisms can include bacteria ,fungus and viruses. Exposure to these pollutants can have negative impacts on our health. They can cause respiratory tract diseases or any other diseases when one comes into contact or happens to inhale them. They can also trigger asthmatic attacks where the affected ends up experiencing symptoms such as wheezing, coughing , shortness of breath among others. Basically , when these pollutants come across ultraviolet radiation, their organic bonds are broken down. Therefore, they undergo a genetic and cellular damage and hence rendered harmless. This reason makes Ultraviolet light to be used in air purifiers so as to get rid of harmful microbes in the air. In addition, it is because of its sterilizing ability that Ultraviolet light is being used in hospitals and other medical facilities. Hospitals are known to house people who may be sick due to viral diseases, bacterial diseases or even fungal infections. The harmful disease- causing microorganisms can get into the air and spread the different illnesses. However, due to the use of Ultraviolet light and other relevant materials this is effectively prevented.

Fluorescence is the process in which a substance absorbs Ultraviolet light energy and converts it immediately into visible light. Therefore, Ultraviolet light is being used in fluorescent tubes so as to produce light.

Ultraviolet light is used after the occurrence of crimes. Clues like finger prints are very essential in the search of criminals in crimes like murder. Finger prints is a lead that can result into a successful investigation. Ultraviolet light is used in finding such clues hence aid in criminal investigations.

  • Curing

Ultraviolet radiation is sometimes referred to as “chemical rays”. This name came about after its discovery which occured during the early 19 century . It was basically given this name due to its ability to change certain substances chemically. It hence is ,for instance,used in hardening some special glues hence the name ‘curring’.

  • Security

Many governments in the world have adapted the use of ultraviolet light which makes some kind of verification on very sensitive documents. If you happen to shine a black light on any note of cash, you can be able to notice some markings which are not present on fake money. This also applies to some other sensitive government documents. Therefore, ultraviolet light technology has been used in providing security against forgery or counterfeiting.

  • Hunting

Many professional hunters use ultraviolet light during their hunt of wild meat .They use ultraviolet light which shines on the ground and illuminates blood trails. Therefore, if an animal has been wounded by bullets, arrows or any other weapon used during hunting and happened to escape, it can be hunted down easily.

  • DVD/ CD players

With the advancement of technology, there has been the development of DVDs, CDs and DVDs players. Many wonder how the DVDs players read the information in the CDs and DVDs. DVD players actually use ultraviolet light to do this.

These are some of the basic functions of ultraviolet light. It is also being used in deterring substance abuse in public places. Due to the world becoming more technologised, ultraviolet light has been adapted in doing extraordinary kinds of work and for sure its uses will continue advancing and becoming more. However, direct exposure to ultraviolet light can cause some negative effects on the skin. Nevertheless, its advantages outweigh the disadvantages and therefore it is very significant in our daily lives.

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