An air purifier for a large area

An air purifier for a large area

air purifier for a large area

Air purifiers are devices used in this trapping and elimination of pollutants in the air .They are designed in such a way that they trap pollutants present in the air. Best air purifier for dust is very significant in our daily lives since they prevent the exposure to air pollutants such as pollen,dust ,smoke and mold. It is very advisable to know the features of a particular air purifier before you buy it. This will prevent you from being disappointed . Different air purifiers ,purify air up to particular areas .Some purify air up to a small area while others purify air in large spaces. One common type of air purifier that you can use for a large area such as a company is the;

  • IQAir MultiGas GC Air Purifier

This air purifier is highly recommended for large areas since it can purify air up to an area of 1,125 square feet . This is definitely a very large area and hence can be beneficial for use in companies . Moreover, it has other awesome features besides that including;

  1. Has HEPA filters which have the ability of trapping pollutants of even small sizes of 0.3 microns.
  2. Possesses four disposable filter cartridges ,which contain impregnated and activated carbon, which are responsible for the removal of gaseous chemicals. Worry no more about the presence of wood smoke or tobacco smoke in the air
  3. It has post -filtration sleeves which are responsible for ensuring that air pollutants trapped do not get back into the air.
  4. Has interchangeable gas filters whose function is to control formaldehyde, VOCs and ammonia . These compounds are dangerous and therefore there is a great need to eliminate them.
  5. Energy efficient- The IQ Air MinusA2 does not require a lot of energy to run, hence it requires low operational costs .
  6. It is extremely quiet when running – Unlike other air purifiers which are very noisy ,this air purifier is quiet when running.

This air purifiers is ideal for offices, basements, open living spaces, large bedrooms and even apartments. This air purifier is therefore ideal for companies since it can purify air in a a large area. Other than the IQ Air Minus air purifier ,you might still find other kinds of air purifiers to be efficient in getting rid of air pollutants in a large areas ,one such air purifier can be the;

  • Rabbit AirMinus A2.

This air purifier has been rated as one of the best air purifiers due to its amazing features . It is said to be the best air purifier for smoke and is highly recommended for asthma sufferers.


This air purifier has awesome features and therefore can be used in large places .These features include; it can purify air up to an area of up to 700 square feet. This is a large area and hence can prove to be efficient for a large area in a company . Besides this feature,it has others which are ;

1.It purifiers and deodirizes the air in six different stages. Pollutants in the air therefore don’t stand any chance of remaining in the air but are effectively gotten rid of.

  1. With this air purifier ,you can choose the filter type either Odor Remover, Germ Defense ,Pet Allergy or Toxin Absorber by just pressing a button . This is possible since it has customized filter options to choose from.
  2. Ultra quiet- This means that it doesn’t make noise when it is operating. You will be comfortable being around even when it is running.

      4.It has long lasting filters- The filters of the Rabbit AirMinus A2 take long to wear out, it may take between 1 to 2 years before you can change the air filters. This saves on the cost of buying air filters often.

  1. It is energy efficient- This device doesn’t required a lot of energy to run. Therefore you don’t need to worry about energy costs.
  2. The Rabbit Air MinusA2 can be wall mounted or left to stand alone. Its design is perfect in that it doesn’t require much space .

These two air purifiers can be ideal for large areas including companies. If you are out shopping and you happen not to find the IQAir MultiGas GC air purifier ,then you can consider having the Rabbit Air MinusA2.

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