Does your office have any dust

Does your office have any dust?

Does your office have any dust

Dust is common and present in many environments. Some of its constitutes include fiber particles ,soil particles, old cells of the skin, among others. Dust is an air pollutant which must be gotten rid of immediately. It has negative effects on our health . It mainly affects the respiratory tract since it is normally inhaled when it is in the air. Dust can cause common cold, flu and even trigger an asthmatic and allergic attack. Asthma is a chronic illness which has symptoms like wheezing and coughing. Allergy on the other hand has symptoms such as watery eyes, body rashes and sneezing. Preventing the exposure to dust is therefore the best solution in dealing with this complications. You may be asthmatic and often experience, for instance shortness of breath,a symptom of asthmatic attack, while in the office. An office is a place where cleaning is done regularly, but dust might still be present. Some of the things that can cause the presence of dust in your officer may include:

Does your office have any dust and smoke

  • Old office carpets.

If you happen to posses old carpets in your office ,then the present of dust in your office is possible .Carpets, in general, are great harbors of dust. They can have a lot of dust accumulated in them. The accumulated dust throws up when they are stepped on. The solution for this include having your office carpet vacuumed regularly or just getting rid of the carpet. The floor will still look beautiful if it has tiles even if you get rid of the carpet.

  • Open windows.

If the windows of your office are normally open ,then it is likely for dust to come in, especially when there is an industry or a construction site nearby .Such places are known to generate a lot of dust. Windows are normally opened for proper circulation of air . However, there are other better solutions that can be adapted for better air circulation . Consider installing air conditioners and fans in your office instead of opening windows for air circulation.

  • Dusty shoes

If you normally come into the office with dusty shoes ,then dust will definitely be present in the air. Due to static, the shoes normally attract dust from the ground. When you walk in the office some of the dust fall from the shoes onto the floor and hence accumulating on the floor. It is therefore advisable to avoid dusty or soily grounds before you come into the office. Have your office vacuumed regularly by the office cleaners to prevent dust accumulation.

  • Type of clothes

Some may wonder how clothes and dust relate. If your clothes are made from fiber, then it is likely that dust will be present. Fiber is one of the components of dust . It combines with other components like skin cells ,that fall from the human body, or soil particles on the floor. If you happen to go to the office wearing clothes made from fiber, then the presence of dust will be noticed in your office. You should therefore wear office clothes that are not made from fiber.

  • Dusty office fans

It is common to find fans in many offices . These devices help in air circulation and aid in giving that ‘cool’ feeling while in the office . These devices might get dusty as they become more old. They hence may end up blowing dust into the air. It is advisable to replace the fans when they become old or even dust these devices more often.

Does your office have any dust smoke

These are some of the sources of dust in your office . If the sources are often present in your office ,then definitely your office will be dusty now and then. You can adapt some solutions such as the use of air purifiers so as to get rid of the accumulated dust in your office. Hygiene is also a better solution in dealing with dust presence in your office.

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