What to do when there is dust and smoke around you

What to do when there is dust and smoke around you

what to do when dust and smoke around you

Dust is basically made of particles in the air that come from sources such as soil . It however can be noted on other surfaces like the floor or furniture. Smoke on the other hand can be from various sources like, cigarettes , wood fireplaces, faulty cookers or even the burning of food during cooking. These two air pollutants have harmful effects on our health . Dust triggers asthmatic attacks, where those having the illness end up developing symptoms like coughing,wheezing ,shortness of breath and chest tightness. Smoke on the other hand is also a common asthmatic trigger. Smoke has a general negative effect on the respiratory tract. Cigarette smoke ,for example, causes fatal illnesses like Cancer. You should therefore reduce the exposure to such air pollutants. Our environment cannot be a 100% pure but we should strive to make it better each and every day. The necessary measures to be taken can include :

dust and smoke around you

  • Use of vacuum cleaners.

These are devices responsible for the removal of dust and dirt from surfaces like the floor and furniture. Dust normally settles on these surfaces and often get back into the air. Having carpets,for example , in your house may raise the amount of dust in the air. Carpets ,especially old ones, are great harbors of dust. When one happens to step on them ,they throw up the dust back into the air. You should therefore vacuum such surfaces. Vacuum cleaners have a special mechanism where they create a partial vacuum hence able to suck the dust on surfaces .It has special filters that increase their efficiency in dust removal. You should vacuum your house regularly , at least once in a week. The vacuum bag should be emptied off the dust and dirt often so as to prevent the dust from going back into the air

  • Use of air purifiers

Air purifiers are devices that trap the dust from the air. They have different kinds of filters that help them to trap various pollutants in the air. You should use an air purifier that has both HEPA filters and Activated carbon filters .HEPA ( High efficient participate air ) filters are specially designed types of air filters that can trap air pollutants like dust ,pollen ,mold, among others. It has the ability of trapping 99.97 % of air pollutants. Activated carbon ,on the other hand, effectively traps smoke from the air. It does this by chemically reacting with the smoke particles as they pass through this air filter. It is known as the greatest adsorbent since it can trap smoke particles which are very tiny. Ensure you buy air purifiers with both of these air filters. One such type of air purifier is the Rabbit AirMinus A2.

  • Identify the sources of dust and do the necessary.

It is definite that the dust or smoke around you originates from particular places . This can either be the fireplace, a construction site nearby , smoking in the house or even the pets in the house. Identifying the origin and the cause of presence of pollutants in the air is very key. If it is from a nearby construction site ,for example, you should not open the windows. This will bring the dust into the house. Don’t allow people to smoke around you .This will prevent exposure to second- hand smoke.

  • Maintain high hygienic standards

Poor hygienic standards are a major contributor to the presence of these air pollutants . Dust can be due to getting into the house with shoes, while smoke can be due to dirty cookers which end up producing smoke during cooking.

These are basically some of the measures that can be adapted so as to prevent the exposure to dust and smoke .As we have earlier stated , these air pollutants have negative effects on our health and should therefore be effectively gotten rid of. It is very advisable to maintain high levels of cleanliness if you hope to curb these menace. Devices such as air purifiers and vacuum cleaners, will greatly save you the time of cleaning up the place around you. Prevention is better than cure and so the necessary measures should be adhered to for healthy living.

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