Cleaning tips to reduce dust

Cleaning tips to reduce dust.

Cleaning tips to reduce dust

Getting a room totally free from dust is almost impossible and no matter how much time you indulge in cleaning the whole house from corner to corner, there is still a possible chance that it is not yet clean. Dust includes mold spores, allergens, bacteria, hair and several other kinds of pollutants. We can provide you the best methods to clean your more house more affectively and to make your home less dusty.

Cleaning methods to reduce dust:


  • Use multi fiber cloth while dusting: Most of the times when you perform dusting you are throwing dust particles from one place to another rather than just getting rid of them. Multi fiber cloth traps in the dust particles in their fibers and tends dust from jumping from one place to another. Even if you want to remove dust from very small and almost unreachable places these multi fibers cloths can ease your way.
  • Change your beddings regularly: Your bed’s sheets and cousins are the best platform for the dust particles to settle at. Usually dust particles are eager to combine and with increase in the weight they are pulled down by gravity. In that case either it is your bed or cousins where these particles lands at. So it is best to change your beddings at least once in week so that dust possibility of you getting exposed to these particles can be reduced.
  • Replace the filters: Air purifiers are very effective on decreasing the quantity of dust particles in the air. Air purifier traps the contents in their filters and it is essential to get them replaced according to their specifications so that efficiency of air purifier to clean the air should be retained. Today most of the air purifier comes with bio- degradable air purifier and it make them efficient even after they are used up.
  • Beat your mats and cushions outside your house: Mats and cushions are quite effective absorbents of dust particles. These particles gets trapped in the very fine fibers of mats and cushion and every time you rug them the dust is freed. The best option to eliminate the risk of whole house getting covered with dust is to beat them outside your house with a stick. In this way dust remains outside the house.
  • Maintain the humidity: Molds grow in a decent humid atmosphere and spores from them, could lead to asthma attacks or several other allergic reactions. Humidity may vary from region to region and with respect to that humidity level should also be maintained.
  • Use Vacuum cleaner: Sucking the dust from various areas of the house could be an effective method to remove the same from house. Vacuum cleaner play major role in snapping the dust particles off from the mats as well as from other areas off the house.
  • Install ventilation systems: In modern houses there is very less room for ventilation and it increases the ratio of dust particles in your house. It is best to opt for more ventilated designs or to install better installation systems in your house. It could help you remove dust from your house more efficiently while you are cleaning.
  • Do not let shoes inside: The best method to get relief from dust to not to let them enter your house in the first place. Shoes are main sources of dust particles as they carry several other allergens or pores in their souls and it is best that they should be left outside, without compromising your work.

Above mentioned methods could decrease the quantity of dust particles in your house and will provide you way better surroundings inside your house. If you have any asthma patient or anyone who is allergic to dust then you must consider following those methods on regular basis to provide more better environment to breathe in.

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