How to remove dust from the air

How to remove dust from the air?

How to remove dust from the air

Dust is referred is referred to collection of mold spores, bacteria, viruses, allergens, pet hairs and several other particles which pollutes the air. These allergens and particles could be very drastic for patients of asthma as well as for anyone with chronic respiratory problems. These pollutants travel with air even when they are inside your house. Even if you clean your house regularly there is still as possibility that these pollutants will be in your house in the air. Dust particles are major sources for asthma attacks and may even lead to allergies symptoms with regular exposure.

There are yet no 100% effective methods through which you can completely eliminate the dust from the house, but still having an air purifier is the best method through which you can attain maximum relief from the dust in the air. Either you can get an air purifier installed in your air duct system for continuous flow of clean air or you can get a portable air purifier for not so much regular usage. Air purifier is available in variable sizes and types but If you are looking for quick points to gain more knowledge you can go through the below mentioned points:


  • Technology of purification: There are HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, ion generator and many more and each of them is effective at certain conditions. So if you are looking for a resolution for two or more than types of indoor pollution problems such as odor and allergens, then you must choose multi level filtration air purifiers. They uses more than single technology to clean air providing you better environment to live-in.
  • Design and sensors: In beginning size or design possibly will not bother you, but these are the primary necessities on which efficiency of air purification depends. Automatic sensors controls the fan speed depending on the quality of room air while on the other hand the efficiency of air intake I totally dependent on the design of the air.
  • Area size for purification: Different air purifiers are bound to clean a room up to a specific room size. While you can use one to clean large halls while few are efficient to clean room of up to 170 Sq. Ft. So before you go ahead on your decision kindly read the about the efficiency of the air purifier either on the package or read some reviews about the same product online.
  • Nature friendly: Nowadays filter of air purifier are manufactured with bio degradable materials and which does not produce any harmful gas or any other material while decomposition. You can ask manufacturer to re-activate the carbon filters as well than to throw away the filters.
  • Manage the expenditure: It does not seem much difficult to buy an air purifier but they require regular maintenance, the filters are needed to be replaced once in a while. It is best to specify your requirements before you go ahead and buy on air purifier for yourself. If you need air purifier for small room in that scenario don’t even fall for high volume air purifier just because of the dilemma that they would be much more helpful.
  • Manufacturer reputation: If you are confused which company to trust or which air purifier to purchase, the best option for you is to go ahead with the reputation of the manufacturer. There are companies such as Honeywell, BlueAir, IQAir whose air purifier are used in large building as well because of their efficiency and quality of cleaning the air.

Dust particles can be very harmful and can had lead to conditions in which patient was required to be hospitalized. You can always depend on reputed manufacturers such as Honeywell, whirlpool for the cleanliness of the air inside you house. IQAir and Honeywell are few of the companies whose air purifiers are often used in hospitals.